Jun 28, 2011

Just a thought...

If we made some Le Smoking MTL tshirts and camis... Would you guys wear them???

As promised.. pics of the VERSACE & H&M collaboration!

Photos from Fashion.com

Prada Fall 2011 Add campaign

Not so crazy about the set up for this add campaign. The clothing and accessories are mind blowing but it seems like the setting for these photos are missing something. Do you agree???

Jun 27, 2011

If we had a secretary... Moschino Resort 2012

So yeah... If we had a secretary, we would dress her head to toe in the entire Moschinos Resort 2012 Collection. The pieces are perfectly tailored, very prim and proper. A few pieces stood out and added a bit of edge to the nearly perfectly matched ensembles. Cute little jackets, circular skirts kept the whole thing reminiscent of a 50s housewife mixed with the mod girl of the 60's.

All photos from Style.com

Jun 22, 2011

Too much photoshop?? COCO ROCHA goes without.

Coco Rocha, one of Canadas best super models is going to be the face of canadian fashion label JACOB  for their Fall 2011 add campaign. They have set a NO PHOTOSHOP rule. This concept seems far out to many photographers. Honestly though, if labels start doing this, it might actually weed out the mediocre photographers from the GREAT photographers. Fashion photography is a over saturated relm of the fashion industry. Far too often we see extremely retouched photos in fashion magazines where the models, actresses or pop stars dont even ressemble themeselves. We back JACOB 100% on this one and we are sure Coco will excell with this campaign. Cant wait to see it!! We will post it as soon as its up!

Photo from Cocos blog http://www.cocorocha.com/

Jun 15, 2011

Jeanne Beker @ INIDIGO today 4PM

We will be attending the talk held by Jeanne Beker at the Indigo Bookstore on St-Catherines street today from 4-6pm. It should be really interesting to hear her take on the fashion industry, how it has affected her life, what she thinks of where fashion is heading and so on.. We all grew up watching her on television and now we get to see her in person talk about her experiences. Lucky, lucky us!

Jun 14, 2011

Le Smoking MTL loves attending fabulous events

Here I am with fashion designer extraordinaire Dimitri Chris and his painting by the talented painter  Yunus Chkirate.  The event was held for the unveiling of portraits commissioned by both Dimitri  Chris and Nora De Lallaing. The paintings held their own, totally representing the subjects essence and personality. What a lovely evening.

Photo by the very talented James-Ian Morgan!!!

Jun 12, 2011

Acne focuses on frumpy, bag like grunge style with a hint of nerd.

This collection had a bit of future and past in it. The shoes, hair and glasses were very future trend looking while the hole pant under skirt thing was reminiscent of the mid nineties. Meanwhile the cuts of many of  the outfits were classic and posh. Utilizing a mish mash of inspirations Acne managed to pull it all together with their color scheme. We like the direction that Acne is taking with their Resort 2011 collection.


Jun 9, 2011

THE LOOK : Derek Lam Resort 2012

want want want want want want.... ugh the patterns and colours!!!

Coup de coeur total!

Take a walk on the dark side : OVATE

One of Montreals younger designers Audrey Cantwell is showing them how it is done with her new line, OVATE. Being inspired by  moss and bark and utilizing very natural materials, Audrey manipulates her pieces into something mixed between dark and modern with a note of  romantic antiquity. For such a young designer Audrey has been moving mountains with her pieces. She is showing signs of greatness and is sure to become the next big designer in the Montreal Fashion Scene.

Take a look at the Fall/Winter collection.


Jun 3, 2011

Since we are on the topic of Fendi...*because of Kanye*

 Lets take a look at their heat building Spring/Summer 2011 collection. The tone of this show was one of feel good confidence with a feminine strength not seen apart from the Prada show. It started off with a white bag dresse which anyone could wear with ease and then transformed into a beautiful array of colors, sun kissed in a palette that felt refreshing and clean and on trend with color blocking. The cuts, true to form and fit which is something we can expect from our dear M. Lagerfeld.  Oh and dont forget to look carefully at the glasses, so in love with the glasses!!!!!

*all photos from Style.com