Jan 28, 2011

Lush English Gardens for SPRING2011


 Lanvin Spring 2011

Some of what was seen on the runway was soft, feminine and lucious. Some gowns had copius amounts of flow and colours that made us think, english garden. There is something organic to these pieces. This collection reaches woman on an intimate level.

Elie Saab connected with femininity, movement and true elegance, definitely bringing soft and seductive to spring. Making the secret garden a reality and sparking girlish fantasies.
photo's from Style.com

Jan 27, 2011

Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy SPRING 2011

       Givenchy went all out for spring. Really, all out. There are hints of Japanese toy robots and what feels like soft swans flowing from weeping willows. Intense mixtures of soft and hard yet all done in the graceful hues really make it top of its game. The work Riccardo Tisci puts in to his pieces is unmatchable this season. One outfit required 2,000 hours of cutting and 4,000 hours of sewing.
Swarovski crystals and lazer cut organza bird wings are just some of the detailing Tisci used on this crazy beautiful fantasy induced collection. In our opinion he is undeniably a master of his craft.

Here are some of our top picks from the SPRING 2011 Givenchy Collection by Riccardo Tisci.

All photo's are from Syle.com

Similar interests.

Bill Blass Fall 1967

 Chanel SPRING 2011 collection 
photo from Style.com 

Both paired the jackets with skinny black leather leggings.

Jan 26, 2011

Fur in fashion

    The big trend right now in Montreal is fur. It's everywhere, it's January. It's brutally cold outside as northern Canadians we can indulge in this, our love of history in the use of fur.  It really does keep you warm and it's absolutely beautiful. Many opt for faux fur. We like vintage furs better. They are here, already on the market (2nd time around) and wouldn't  you rather not see a beautiful fur scarf or hat be thrown in the garbage. Wouldn't you rather actually put it to good use? Like in -30 weather on the walk to work or adding it as an accessorie to the perfect outfit.

It seems to be that fur is litterally having it's second run at it. Many are sporting vintage fur hats, collars and scarfs. Bought in basement churches or second hand stores, giving a second life to real valurable pieces.

Here is are some looks from a fiew designers and their take on fur for Fall2010. All of them have incorporated both real and faux furs and have exceled. These looks would all work with Montreal weather at the moment.

Roland Mouret

Roksanda Ilincic

J. Mendel

Bottega Veneta


We also wanted to show outfit choices that look good with fur. You could add fur hats, scarves, vests to all of these following outfits and it would look great.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Gianfranco Ferre


And prettiest use of fur

Thank you Style.com for the great runway shots!

New fur is strange. There is so much out there already. But if you must, I've added sites at the bottom so you can inform yourself as to what entails new fur and some history bits.

We all have our opinions on fur trades in north america and beyond..

More Info on fur found at:

Fur Institute of Canadahttp://www.fur.ca/index.php
© 2011 Fur Institute of Canada

In Pursuit of Adventure: The Fur Trade in Canada and the North West Companyhttp://digital.library.mcgill.ca/nwc/
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International Fur Trade Federation (IFTF)http://www.iftf.com/fur-fashion/
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Denis Gagnon for S&C

  Le Smoking MTL recently attended a Style & Conscience VIP launch of their accessories designed by Denis Gagnon at the Fine Arts Museum in Montreal. Style & Conscience is a online boutique brought to you by Montreal based nonprofit Montreal Couture.

 Style & Conscience offers exclusivity all the way serving up orders only by demand. When you purchase one of these beautiful accessories you are supporting nonprofit organizations, such as the Heart and Stroke foundation this time around and also the garment industry workers in North America.

Denis Gagnon did a really fantastic job bringing his zipper genius style to a really good cause. He also took suggestions from online collaborators as an extra inspiration all the while keeping true to his familiar look.
We especially love this key chain!!! This is a perfect addition to any great black leather bag and adds an edge to an entire look.

Take a look a their website  Style & Conscience

You should also head over to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for Denis Gagnon's exhibit, the first of it's kinda for the museum!

October 19, 2010, to February 13, 2011

Jean-Noël Desmarais Pavilion, Level S2
Contemporary Art Square
Free Admission


Jan 25, 2011


       Fashion is a choice we all make everyday. It is a combination of history, influences, beauty, one's visions and culture from across the board.

Le Smoking MTL hopes to bring you new knowledge, help you to take a look back and show or highlight concepts and visuals that you can connect with.

          People make fashion. Welcome to Le Smoking MTL.