Sep 28, 2011

Badgley Mishka makes party dresses that shine

If there was one word to describe the Spring 2012 collection from Badgley Mishka it would be "party". We love the glam edge they took on while changing their regular flowy cuts to more streamlined shapes. Color took center stage as the models walked down a bubble themed cat walk. The metalic shine of the fabrics added an extra punch. Champagne would be a much needed accessory while rocking out these outfits!

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Sep 26, 2011

The Prada 2012 Spring Collection

Usually we aren't fans of the kitschy 50s look, hinting at the whole rockabilly thing. However, Muccia Prada  managed to bring it on board for Spring 2012,  using her well known touch that makes all the difference in anything her name is attached to. The accessories for this show seemed costume inspired, maybe something of a Greece Lightning day dream. The flaming shoes made us chuckle. Maybe a tad too cartoonish for our taste, but cute none the less and  brings her point across loud and clear. Muccia coined her collection as" sweetness". Maybe she was thinking of a time when things seemed less complicated.

As usual though there was a duality to the whole collection. As much as it was playful and fun. it also hinted on the conservative side. The pleated pieces and high necks seemed very stern but then they had funny cars printed on them. We adore how Muccia understands the complexity of the female mind. We all know women can be many things at once. Prada has that understanding down to a T.

And don't forget the bathing suits! UGH Prada bathing suit. Vacation dream wear!!!!! We love them. love love love them!

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Sep 11, 2011

Nu.I cocktail show @ MTL Fashion Week.

The clothing at the NU.I invite only cocktail show was hot. We over heard alot of women saying "I could rock that!" The blue Navajo print was strong and very much on trend. Designer Vickie Joseph has an understanding of what women who are fierce, strong and current want. The pink and white fringe was absolutely gorgeous and fun. The floral print was sweet and fit perfectly with the leopard print. Be sure to check out her boutique located at 270 Samson boul. W #207, Laval, QC. 

Photos by Ashley Bilodeau

Sep 8, 2011

Best dressed .4

Photo's by Ashley Bilodeau for Le Smoking MTL

Front row at Dimitri Chris Spring/Summer 2012, felt like a vacation..

Dimitri Chris took us all away from the reality of cooler temperatures outside into a sun filled day complete with the catwalk transformed into a dock. The feel was very preppy mixed in with a bit of child like fun. A more playful look at nautical.

This was Dimitri's first go at designing some pieces for women. We loved it! Total success!  It was casual and really super cute. The pleated high wasted shorts were the most talked about piece amongst the ladies after the show.

A sailboat motif was repeated throughout the collection.  Our coup de coeur was the full suit, covered in mini sailboats. After the show we talked to Dimitri and he said he was a tiny bit hesitant on doing  a whole suit in the print. Dimitri, we are so so glad you did. You stole our hearts!

The show never felt boring or blazer. It was filled with youthful energy and sunshiny good times.
It ended with the models parading down the catwalk to the song IM ON A BOAT.  Thank you Dimitri Chris! We totally enjoyed ourselves.

 Photo credit Jimmy Hamelin for Semaine Mode Montreal

Front row at Melissa Nepton for Spring Summer 2012!

We were so excited to see what Melissa Nepton had to offer up for Spring/Summer 2012. She did not deceive. She kept it cool and collected with Neutral hues mixed with black and the use of soft linens. A sweet coral peach made appearances down some of the shirts, tiny pleats along the side of the capri pants and  draw strings all over the place made for a comfortable and wearable yet chic collection. The slinky pant suit was to die for. Tiny plastic visors made reference to a hot upcoming spring. Oh and the clutches, the clutches!!!!! They were PERFECT. Simple rectangular clutches with a plastic wrap clip at the top. We fell inlove.

We also really loved the swimwear, clean lines, neutral tones and a cut that would compliment any body type.

We love sitting front row! Thank you Melissa Nepton!

Source : Bureau de la mode de Montréal | Photographe : Vincenzo D'Alto