Sep 8, 2011

Front row at Melissa Nepton for Spring Summer 2012!

We were so excited to see what Melissa Nepton had to offer up for Spring/Summer 2012. She did not deceive. She kept it cool and collected with Neutral hues mixed with black and the use of soft linens. A sweet coral peach made appearances down some of the shirts, tiny pleats along the side of the capri pants and  draw strings all over the place made for a comfortable and wearable yet chic collection. The slinky pant suit was to die for. Tiny plastic visors made reference to a hot upcoming spring. Oh and the clutches, the clutches!!!!! They were PERFECT. Simple rectangular clutches with a plastic wrap clip at the top. We fell inlove.

We also really loved the swimwear, clean lines, neutral tones and a cut that would compliment any body type.

We love sitting front row! Thank you Melissa Nepton!

Source : Bureau de la mode de Montréal | Photographe : Vincenzo D'Alto

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