Sep 26, 2011

The Prada 2012 Spring Collection

Usually we aren't fans of the kitschy 50s look, hinting at the whole rockabilly thing. However, Muccia Prada  managed to bring it on board for Spring 2012,  using her well known touch that makes all the difference in anything her name is attached to. The accessories for this show seemed costume inspired, maybe something of a Greece Lightning day dream. The flaming shoes made us chuckle. Maybe a tad too cartoonish for our taste, but cute none the less and  brings her point across loud and clear. Muccia coined her collection as" sweetness". Maybe she was thinking of a time when things seemed less complicated.

As usual though there was a duality to the whole collection. As much as it was playful and fun. it also hinted on the conservative side. The pleated pieces and high necks seemed very stern but then they had funny cars printed on them. We adore how Muccia understands the complexity of the female mind. We all know women can be many things at once. Prada has that understanding down to a T.

And don't forget the bathing suits! UGH Prada bathing suit. Vacation dream wear!!!!! We love them. love love love them!

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  1. her swimsuits are not very flattering. maybe they'd look better on women who have curves.