Jun 22, 2011

Too much photoshop?? COCO ROCHA goes without.

Coco Rocha, one of Canadas best super models is going to be the face of canadian fashion label JACOB  for their Fall 2011 add campaign. They have set a NO PHOTOSHOP rule. This concept seems far out to many photographers. Honestly though, if labels start doing this, it might actually weed out the mediocre photographers from the GREAT photographers. Fashion photography is a over saturated relm of the fashion industry. Far too often we see extremely retouched photos in fashion magazines where the models, actresses or pop stars dont even ressemble themeselves. We back JACOB 100% on this one and we are sure Coco will excell with this campaign. Cant wait to see it!! We will post it as soon as its up!

Photo from Cocos blog http://www.cocorocha.com/

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