Aug 6, 2011

A T-shirt that should be a staple in any man's closet: APPEAL --- Interview with Jalil Peraza

Recently Theophilus London has been seen rocking APPEAL tee's. We approve.
APPEAL is a new t-shirt brand by Jalil Peraza.  Jalil was Kanye West's intern and is also a member of the ROSEWOOD movement.  Jalil knows how to bring a good idea to light. He's been working incredibly hard to push his brand of new pocket tee's and it's working. Word on the street is you should run to and buy yourself one before they all sell out!!!!!

Le Smoking MTL  recently got to ask Jalil a few questions...

SMTL:  So Jalil, where did the inspiration for APPEAL come from?

JP: Appeal came about in such a simple way, I wanted a catchy, easy to remember name that I felt pertained to the very aesthetic I wanted my brand to represent. Following that i combined it with the concept of meshing both high end styles with leisure wear type clothing.

SMTL: APPEAL seems to be blowing up, you seem pretty young,,When did you start designing?

JP: I have only been designing for about a year.

SMTL: Any major future plans for the label???

JP: My plans are to simply keep building the brand , with hopes of endorsing new up and coming music artists!

SMTL: We see that you interned with Kanye, how was it and how did you score that?

JP: Simply put, Interning for Kanye evolved from being at the right place at the proper time, and allowing Kanye to see my potential , which ultimately lead him to chose me to become his intern, furthermore, an adopted member of the "Rosewood" Movement.

SMTL: There are pictures floating around of you and Theophilus London. You proud he's sporting your designs? Are you guys buddies??

JP:Theophilus london and myself met back in March during SXSW, and weve been cool ever since. It feels really good to see him wearing the Appeal  brand and im glad he likes it!!

We can't wait to see what's coming up next in the APPEAL line! Here is a look at some of the pocket tee's that we love.

Theophilus London in a leopard print pocket tee featured in COMPLEX magazine.

Theophilus London in APPEAL.

Jalil in one of his pocket tee's.

"I wanted my brand to represent."

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