Oct 15, 2011

Coco Rocha we love your energy!

We attended the FLARE presentation of Coco Rocha's husbands film "Letters to Haiti" At the party we had the opportunity of posing with Coco Rocha and Natalie Ast of Nasty Natalie at the photo star post. Coco has this energy that is so different from anyone else. This girl has personality. She seems to understand modeling like no one else, working it hard.  We high fived Coco and told her that we LOVED her JACOB retouch free campaign. 

Natalie Ast, Coco Rocha & Ashley Bilodeau

There were alot of other great people at the party. Like the lovely and sweet Sarah Francis of Real Life Runway. She was so much fun to take photos with and we got to got to sit beside her at two shows. We are rocking the nerd look hard here.
Sarah Francis & Ashley Bilodeau

We also met the very funny and cool Alison McLaughlin.
Natalie Ast, Alison McLaughlin & Ashley Bilodeau

 The overall consensus is that Toronto is filled to the brim with pretty, fun and interesting fashion ladies. For our first Fashion Event  here we'd have to say, The ShOws was loads of good times.  No lack of really interesting  pieces and people you actually want to have a conversation with. We congratulated Lisa Tant (Editor-in-Chief  from FLARE) for the great presentation and party.  We noticed something right away...

Lisa Tant, Coco Rocha & James Conran

Sarah Jessica Parker

We saw Sarah Jessica Parker in this Prabal Gurung dress recently. Both women look fab in this classic fitting yet daring  red stripe dress. Bravo les filles! Bisou!

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