Oct 1, 2012

Top 3 scents for Fall.

This fragrance is by far the most seductive, alluring and comforting scent that has been produced in the last while. We tested it out and people stopped us on the street, at parties, at work asking... "What are you wearing? You smell amazing!!!!!" This Eau de Parfume is available in Canada at The Bay and Saphora. We suggest you get a sample size try it out for a week.. You will be addicted the first time you wear it out and will notice it has great lasting power. We promise!
#2. Angel by Thierry Mulger
Angel has a scent that provokes the good and bad in any woman. It's a cross between sweet childhood memories and full grown seductive woman scents. It's somewhat heavy from the first spritz but then turns into this heavenly almost pretty aroma. The metamorphosis that happens on ones skin is wonderful and keeps anyone coming back for more. Available at The Bay and Saphora in Canada.
#3. La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain
This is a mix of spices that later turns into a powder scent with touches of berries here and there. It is so classic and timeless but not for the faint at heart. La petite Robe Noire is strong and more mature then the other two perfumes we put on the list. We suggest this one for the 30 and over crowd looking for something more substantial and present. Also available at both The Bay and Saphora in Canada.

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