Mar 24, 2011

Thinking of tea parties ALBINO Spring 2011

With references from Yves Saint Laurent and 90s Japanese designers, Albino D'Amato created this beautiful collection filled with greys and mustard yellows. There are two details that stole our hearts, the hats (perfect for a fancy tea party) and the shoes (notice there is only one bow on one side only on some of the pairs of shoes). The feel is light and breezy and perfect for a lady filled afternoon of fine china and gossip!

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  1. Gorgeous outfits & sandals, not sure about the hats though !

  2. Those hats, those hats,those hats. I am in love with them,I amso ready for oversized sunhats its not even funny. Nice post!!!!

  3. I love the lilac and yellow silk outfit..about the hats...not sure yet!!

  4. love the hats too..
    got one kind of like these after writing the post!