Feb 25, 2011

Could it be true? Galiano suspended from DIOR?!?!

    So last night in Paris there was a some kind of bar fight that led to Galliano supposedly yelling out antisemitic  slurs at a rude and unfashionable couple. Supposedly the couple was calling Galliano a bum and told him he looked homeless! ha ha ha. This world is very funny.

Here is a report from The Canadian Press.

Dior suspends designer John Galliano after he was accused of anti-Semitic insults.
                     By Angela Charlton (CP) – 7 minutes ago

PARIS — Famed fashion house Christian Dior SA says it is suspending creative director John Galliano after he was detained and accused of an anti-Semitic insult.
Dior says in a statement Friday that it is suspending Galliano pending an investigation into the incident in a Paris restaurant Thursday night.
The Paris prosecutor's office says a couple in the restaurant accused Galliano of making anti-Semitic insults. A police official said that Galliano also exchanged slaps with the couple.
Galliano has been Dior's creative director for 14 years.

Also, isn't Natalie Portman the new face of DIOR... Isn't she Jewish, ?? Just saying... wtf