Feb 24, 2011

Prada: 60's Scottish spaceship travelers armed with fur and fish scales Fall 2011

   Prada chose to live stream their runway show. The show itself was one hour and a half late. Guests were made to sit on square Styrofoam boxes as they waited for the plastic to be removed from the catwalk. The setting was a very large two level room with pillars and a big stair case. It sort of seemed seem like the models where coming out of everywhere at a pretty fast speed. There was an air of uncomfortable confusion to the entire show which seems to have been done purposefully.  Plaid 60's like dresses, fish scale like palette dresses and fur mixed coats where over powering. This collection draws your attention, sucks you in out of curiosity and then leaves you confused but slightly obsessed at understanding the mix of themes that went on.
This stood alone, nothing can touch it, nothing resembles it. It was class, it was a review, it was elegant and fun.

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