Feb 1, 2011

The Bag Dress

    This type of dress can look fabulous on most shapes if accessorized well. We've seen it around for a long time now and it keeps coming back. It's classic and versatile, kind of like the little black dress. Cacharel just put out their Pre-Fall Collection for 2011 which included the famous bag dress. We like it.

Donna Karan had a beautiful bag dress in her Spring 2007 collection.

There's an understated feel to each of these dresses, yet each one is elegant and playful. This style can transcend threw each season and last threw the years.  We chose to show beige/brown dresses because of their versatility and class. Paired with black or cream, all of these would be killer.


  1. I actually really love all three, but I dont' think they would be flattering on most women. But i love them all, very whimsical!

  2. It's surprising, but we've seen "the bag dress" on shorter women, taller women, different shapes... Depending on the cut of it.. it works.
    The A Line cut you see in two of these dresses is really universal and the draping on the Donna Karan dress is great to add length or hide unwanted areas of our bodies.